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Revolutionize your vehicle data with our comprehensive suite of services: from sensor comparison to anomaly detection, we've got you covered. Drive smarter, via Welog.


ADAS Frontal Collision Detection performance


Road Impairment Detection Performance


Traffic Sign Detection Performance

Revolutionize Your Vehicle with Our Cutting-edge Data Acquisition Unit

Welog is a connected and scalable data acquisition unit that can be easily retrofitted into any vehicle with powerful edge computing capabilities for fused perception, position, in-vehicle networks (CAN, FlexRay, LIN) sensor data.

Data Acquisition and Vehicle Instrumentation

Sensor comparison, benchmark testing, road surface quantification, scenario generation, problem identification.

Cloud-Based Data Dissemination

Generate location-based real-time alerts and reports.

Picture of Welog device
Data Analysis Services

Anomaly detection, pattern extraction, scenario and problem identification.

Tailored Data Products

Use state-of-the-art computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms to meet customer needs.


Collision Avoidance

Welog provides real-time alerts to your drivers, mitigating the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of your vehicles and employees.

Lane Assistance

Increase driver awareness and reduce lane departure incidents in your fleet with our lane assistance feature. Using state-of-the-art cameras and sensors, it provides timely alerts to drivers, helping them stay within lanes and enhancing overall road safety.

Pedestrian Collision Avoidance

Safeguard pedestrians and drivers with our pedestrian collision avoidance warning system. By detecting pedestrians in the vehicle's path, it provides alerts, reducing the risk of accidents.

Image of a object detection capabilities of Welog.
Welog image with its technical features shown.

Speed Control

Ensure your drivers adhere to speed limits and drive responsibly with our speed control warning feature. It monitors vehicle speed and provides alerts, promoting safe driving practices and reducing the likelihood of speed-related incidents.

Traffic Light Tracking

Optimize efficiency with our traffic light tracking system. By detecting and providing real-time updates on traffic light status, it helps drivers anticipate changes, improving overall productivity and reducing fuel consumption.

Technical Specifications

Image recording with 1080p resolution 30 fps camera

Real-time video streaming

Reading and recording CAN-bus data

OBD-II connection

3 precision Global Positioning System

Image of the Welog

The processor unit has 4 cores and a speed of 1.2 GHz, a 128-core image processing unit and 4 GB RAM.

Weight: 420 Gr. Dimensions 10x12x5cm

Durable ABS outer frame

Supply Voltage: 9-30 V DC (20 W)

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