Road Defects Detection
with Mobile Application

We contribute
to road safety and comfort
by using vehicle data

We detect road defects with our artificial intelligence algorithm, share existing defects with the authorities and enable you to
carry out the entire maintenance process from one place.

Saving Time
Image 1

Automating operational processes

Road Safety
Image 2

Repair of road defects in a shorter time

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Mitigates potential compensation risks

Image 4

Anonymizing license plates and faces for protection of privacy

Image Processing

Collected data is processed using proprietary data extraction models tailored for all weather/lighting road image data processing for detection of road surface defects.

Infrastructure Management

The defects are reported to the management through our custom, region-specific management platform. Defects are assigned to a pre-defined maintenance team

Defect Detection
Image 2

Defects were marked by the infrastructure management system

Image 3

Related defects were categorized into our database

Image 4

Maintenance order was created

Data Collection

We are collecting road data using our mobile application, which can be easily integrated into any type of vehicle. Thanks to our developed mobile application for detecting road defects, we provide a solution for automating the operational processes required for road repairs. Detected potholes and road defects are reported to the authority through our "Infrastructure Management Platform" with time and location tags.

Report System

Team receives required information via SMS and email. The maintenance team can have the road defect report of the relevant pothole Managers keep track of the progress over the platform

Road Defects

Locations and labeled images of the detected road surface defects are extracted

Road Defect Registered To System
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Specifications Were Entered
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Request Form Were Sent
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