Remote Test & Management Platform

Track All Vehicle Data in One Place

Our platform facilitates the seamless transfer of vehicle data to either cloud or local servers, providing unparalleled insight into real-time vehicle information for enhanced tracking and management capabilities.

Test Plan Preparation

Our platform helps prepare thorough test plans for vehicle data acquisition, ensuring all necessary tests and scenarios are included to validate system functionality and performance.

Vehicle Registration

Streamlined vehicle registration process, allowing vehicles to be easily added to the system for monitoring and data collection purposes.

Vehicle Tracking

Real-time tracking of vehicles, providing precise location information and allowing for efficient fleet management and monitoring of vehicle movements.

CAN Bus Monitoring for Enhanced Development

Our system is designed to provide a reliable environment for test and remote monitoring. Monitor your vehicle's CAN bus data in real-time, which performs calculations, generated time graphs, and stores data effectively.

Test Management Platform UI on PC.

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