Hazard Warning Platform

Drive Smarter, Drive Safer.

Discover peace of mind on every drive with our advanced warning system. Our cutting-edge technology detects hazards such as potholes, lane departures, pedestrian collisions, and overspeeding, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

Data Analysis & Planning

Utilize collected data to improve future traffic planning.

Emergency Response

Enable faster and more effective emergency interventions.

Pedestrian Collision Alert

Help drivers optimize fuel consumption and stay safe.

Lane Departure Alert

Provide drivers with timely hazard warnings.

What do we do?

Our platform harnesses data from connected vehicles, analyzing factors like weather and altitude to pinpoint potential hazards. With our Hazard Warning Platform, you'll see these danger zones highlighted on a map, along with real-time alerts to keep you safe on every journey.

Hazard Warning Platform UI on PC.

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