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Image of the Welog device


Our cutting-edge video telematics device featuring ADAS warning capabilities. Our connected and scalable data acquisition unit is designed for seamless retrofitting into any vehicle. Equipped with powerful edge computing capabilities, it processes sensor data to provide fused perception and position within vehicle networks, enhancing safety and performance.
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Image of the user interface of Infrastructure Management Platform shown in a PC.

Infrastructure Management Platform

Our mobile app designed for efficient road defect detection, streamlining the operational processes necessary for road repairs. Our app utilizes proprietary data extraction models optimized for processing road image data in varying weather and lighting conditions, enabling accurate detection of road surface defects. Simplify road maintenance operations with our reliable and effective solution.
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Image of the user interface  of Hazard Warning Platform shown in a PC.

Hazard Warning Platform

Our mission is to keep drivers safe by alerting them to potential dangers. Using data from connected vehicles, we analyze environmental and geographical factors like weather and altitude. This information enables us to provide timely warnings, ensuring that drivers are always prepared for the road ahead
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Image of the user interface of Test Management Management Platform shown in a PC.

Remote Test & Management Platform

Our forthcoming Remote Test and Management Platform is tailored to offer automotive manufacturers and vehicle developers a robust solution for monitoring real-time data from telematics devices installed across a range of vehicles. This platform facilitates the seamless transfer of data to either cloud or local servers, providing unparalleled insight into real-time vehicle information for enhanced tracking and management capabilities.
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Cloud Based Services

Road Defect Detection Service

Our cloud-based road defect detection service provides an effective solution for regular inspection and maintenance of roads.

Image Anonymization Service

Providing safe and effective image anonymization, our cloud-based solution allows users to analyze and process data while protecting their personal data. Our advanced algorithms anonymize faces, objects, and other sensitive data by automatically blurring or masking them.


We participated in the Automechanika Fair through ITÜ Cekirdek. At this fair, which brings together the leading names in the automotive industry, we had the opportunity to showcase our products and services and conduct meetings for new collaborations.


We discussed the mobility data solutions for the insurtech vertical with the industry experts at Dijital Aci episode that aired on Bloomberg HT on Jan. 15.


We were among the top 20 Startups to take stage at the Cekirdek's signature event Big Bang 2021.


We proudly presented our Infrastructure Management which is developed as a result of our collaboration with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Subsidiary ISBAK and The Public Transportation Services Directorate for 16 Million residents of the beautiful city of Istanbul during the Tech Istanbul.


We are proud and excited to announce that we received a pre-seed investment from BIAS Mühendislik with a company valuation of $1.85M. We are grateful to BIAS Mühendislik for their trust in our team and project. We will keep growing and chasing our dream of safer and sustainable transportation with their support.

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