Connected Vehicle Data for Better World

Who we are?

We specialize in creating tailored solutions by leveraging artificial intelligence models, which are developed using extensive vehicle and road data collected from connected sources.


Video telematic device with ADAS warning capability. Connected and scalable data acquisition unit that can be easily retrofitted into any vehicle with powerful edge computing capabilities for fused perception position in vehicle networks sensor data.

Infrastructure Management Platform

Thanks to our developed mobile application for detecting road defects, we provide a solution for automating the operational processes required for road repairs.
Collected data is processed using proprietary data extraction models tailored for all weather/ lighting road image data processing for detection of road surface defects.

Hazard Warning

We warn drivers about dangers. Various data received from connected vehicles are data processed by associating them with environmental and geographical conditions such as weather and altitude.

Remote Test and Management

The “Remote Test and Management Platform” is being developed to enable automative manufacturers and vehicle developers to monitor real-time data collected through developers through telematics devices installed in various vehicles. This data is transferred to cloud or local servers, allowing them to track real-time information.

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